Mortgage Keeper

MortgageKeeper | Mortgage CRM System

Looking for a package to help run your mortgage broking business?

The UK’s most flexible Mortgage CRM System can be fully configured to mirror your own business rather than you changing your practice to meet the limitations of other systems

Packed with easy to use features, the MortgageKeeper back office administration system provides the comprehensive information management you need to effectively run your business. Developed in partnership with mortgage brokers, MortgageKeeper focuses entirely on the needs of the mortgage broking sector.

MortgageKeeper | Mortgage CRM Software

Modern Dashboard

Complete oversight of your business and tasks

Client-centric view

Full case information on one page

Configurable fact find

Greater client communication & SMS messaging

Client & introducer portals

Create intuitive bespoke variations

Full reporting

Build run & export your own reports

Greater efficiency

Streamline your processes with our fully customisable workflows

MortgageKeeper CRM Features

Text Messaging

  • Set up your own templates for Text Messaging and automatically pre-populate each of your messages with specific details from the recipient client’s case.
  • Market to your client base and business partners with Bulk Text Messaging.
  • Keep your client’s up-to-date on the progress of their cases as it happens with our Stage Texts feature.
  • No additional hardware or software required and no expensive bund


  • If you have access to the Internet, you can use MortgageKeeper – in the office, at home, in your client’s home or abroad.
  • Businesses with different office locations can easily work in sync with each other.
  • Backup of your data is performed systematically and securely every day, fulfilling the FCA requirement to store backups off-site.
  • All you need is a computer and Internet Explorer, no need for additional hardware or in-house IT expertise.
  • Faster and more frequent updates, quicker resolution of support queries.

Outgoing Email

  • Set up your own Email templates and auto-populate each of your Emails with specific details from the recipient client’s case.
  • MortgageKeeper will allow you to send without the need to open any external software.
  • Customers can be updated easily and without cost to you in a professional and modern way.
  • Previously created letters can be attached.
  • Attached documents can also be sent within your email.
  • All Emails are logged and stored against the customer case.
  • Email Marketing to your client database.

Networks can set up different structures for different AR firms…

MortgageKeeper is a fantastic asset. Having one central information system is so much more efficient than our traditional hard copy files.

Employing eKeeper Group has been profoundly one of our best decisions as a company we have made…

The package is easy to use has shaved hours off the normal time it took to package a case and update the client. I am more than happy to recommend the system

Introducer Update System

  • Keep your customers and business partners informed of case progress with no additional effort.
  • Customers, Networks, Solicitors, Estate Agents and Introducers can all login (should you wish them too).
  • Customers can be updated easily and without the need to contact your office.
  • Letters, Stage History and Action notes can be made visible.
  • Access given purely on a ‘Read Only’ basis.

Life Quotation Tool

  • Allows you to obtain assurance quotations from within your MortgageKeeper cases, saving the time it takes to rekey data into an external system.
  • AUTOMATED Life, Life & Cic and PHI for Applicant 1 and Applicant 2 or on a single or joint basis.
  • Comparison list generated and saved against the client case for every quotation, leaving a compliant audit trail.
  • Key Features and Product Guides are only a click away.
  • Fully protected quotes for every client every time.
  • Case submission completed online with pre-populated information, saving you rekeying data.

Trigold Integration

  • Send your MortgageKeeper case to TriGold. This enables you to source your client’s mortgage and save the details back into MortgageKeeper.

Conveyancing Quotation Tool

  • Find the best price for Sale, Purchase and Sale & Purchase.
  • Generate additional income while making a saving for your client’s.
  • Receive £100.00 for every purchase and £200.00 for each Sale & Purchase.
  • Fully integrated within the MortgageKeeper system.
  • Easily instruct the solicitor – it just takes ONE click.

Other Features

  • Full commission system to handle the Companies, Advisers, Networks, Clawback Fund and Introducer commissions.
  • Upload and attach supporting files and application forms.
  • Centralised Diary with on-screen reminders.
  • Automated Letter, Email and SMS production.
  • Users can be grouped with individual functions, permissions, and abilities.
  • Reports available on a select as you go basis, allowing information to be gathered easily for management information and FCA needs.
  • Flexibility: Add and rename Stages, Products, Marketing Categories and many others.