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MortgageKeeper Network Edition Compliance

A comprehensive suite of compliance checking tools

This includes our comprehensive suite of compliance checking tools. These are built using the same principles of flexibility and ease-of-use as the rest of the system.

How does it work?

Network compliance officers can define the types of cases they want to monitor and set the percentage of these they want to check.

They can fine tune the percentages for the whole network, at a brokerage level or even at an individual level.

Flexible Percentages

This gives you the flexibility to check a higher percentage for new network members or tailor file checks to target high risk or infrequent types of business.

As cases are updated by the brokerage users the system automatically flags cases for checking by head office compliance staff. The risk categories are clearly shown so the compliance officer can easily decide how to proceed.


The compliance officer is then guided through each of the points they should check the system ensuring consistency of file checks by different users.

File Check Points








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Networks can set up different structures for different AR firms…

MortgageKeeper is a fantastic asset. Having one central information system is so much more efficient than our traditional hard copy files.

Employing eKeeper Group has been profoundly one of our best decisions as a company we have made…

The package is easy to use has shaved hours off the normal time it took to package a case and update the client. I am more than happy to recommend the system