Originally published by our friends at Financial Reporter on the 17th of June 2020.

Burrowpart of the DPR group and provider of the digital broker platform, has integrated into KnowledgeBank’s API to provide up to date criteria information when qualifying new and existing mortgage customers.  Through the Burrow platform, customers coming from search engines, a broker’s website, or other marketing “channel” to answer a small set of questions to receive a qualified, personalised “mortgage report” using a combination of product, affordability and criteria sourcing data.   

With the KnowledgeBank integration, more qualified and up-to-date eligibility information is used to provide more representative options to the end consumer and allow the broker to effectively engage the client.  With a number of back-office integrations and notification options available to the brokerKnowledgeBank’s inclusion into the platform continues to enhance the qualification and on-boarding journey for customers seeking mortgage advice. The integration also means that Burrow can scale its coverage of lenders and criteria more rapidly. 

Nicola Firth, CEO of KnowledgeBank, said “I’m delighted that innovative technology solutions, such as Burrow, recognise the value that criteria data adds to the advice process.  Through the API, the Burrow digital broker experience translates responses from consumers and matches these against KnowledgeBank’s criteria sourcing to provide a wholly unique consumer experience.  It’s taking client qualification to the next level and we’re proud to be a part of that story.” 

Available through the MCI Club, Head of the mortgage club, Melanie Spencer commented “Following the launch of the platform in March 2020, we’ve continued to on-board several organisations onto Burrow who already are receiving greater volumes of qualified enquiries as the mortgage market re-establishes itself after COVID-19.  KnowledgeBank increases the credibility of the platform by providing more up-to-date and qualified data to the end consumer ensuring better and more relevant conversations with our member brokers.” 

Pradeep Raman, Director of Digital Solutions at DPR Groupowners of the MCI Club and Burrow concluded, Burrow is about bringing together best-of-breed technology solutions to provide a truly unique ‘customer onboarding as a service to the mortgage market and reflecting how UK consumers are demanding to engage with financial services.  By digitising the fact-find process and providing borrowers with an engaging and detailed instant mortgage report means that brokers can focus on what they do best, providing quality advice in a faster and slicker way.   Burrow is there to help brokers stay ahead of the curve and ensure they are at the forefront of digital transformation in financial services.”