Intermediary Manager

Allows lenders and providers to manage BDM and adviser relationships

Intermediary Manager uses the core eKeeper CRM engine to provide a focused relationship management system tailored for lenders and providers. Intermediary Manager securely stores information of your adviser population where you manage those key relationships through Business Development Managers (BDM) and other personnel.

Intermediary Manager provides a number of established core CRM features, specific to the financial services sector, including:

  • Fully configurable workflow management for on-boarding member firms.

    Intermediary Lender - Business Summary
  • Document management suite to control the production, request and receipt of key documents.
  • Record all key detail and information of your intermediaries and partners.
  • Dashboard to control each user’s day to day activity through notifications, diary and business intelligence.
  • Automation to ensure appropriate actions are executed and recorded.
  • Full management reporting with visual summaries and configurable dashboarding.

    Intermediary Lender - Business Intelligence
  • Link Business Intelligence data from export reporting or warehouse to provide in context visual reporting of key metrics.

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