Originally published by our friends at Mortgage Introducer on the 14th of January 2021.

eKeeper launches Intermediary Manager for lenders, providers and networks

Today eKeeper launches its latest product “Intermediary Manager” to all financial institutions who manage relationships with intermediary and financial services related businesses.

Recognising a key need following industry engagement, eKeeper’s solution supports large organisations from lenders, protection providers, investment providers and financial networks.  With the ability to reflect either or both the restricted and directly authorised markets, customers can easily structure their introducing firms and advisers.  They can also associate the appropriate products delivered to their client firms and effectively manage each relationship.

Built upon the core eKeeper CRM product, used by mortgage and protection advisers, many of its fundamental and proven features are available .  This includes its full and configurable workflow management for onboarding firms and advisers, document management to generate and store key documentation, automation to ensure that appropriate actions are executed and logged, plus extensive reporting and marketing capabilities.

Intermediary Manager was initially launched to Cambridge Building Society and is currently in the process of onboarding with a Tier-1 bank.  Now it is available to any financial institution.

The system has provision to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) data from a customer’s data , providing full management reporting via a visual dashboard.  This gives a network, firm and adviser view of activity, regardless of the source and format of the data.

David Bennett, Commercial Director of eKeeper, commented “Intermediary Manager delivers value by allowing providers to structure their relationships and activity.  Through a tailored and lean experience developed from our core understanding of the sector backed by a best of breed technology solution.

“We’ve listened to feedback and now we’re delivering Intermediary Manager to alleviate the task of managing introducing sources.  We know it solves a fundamental requirement and allows providers to gain control and insight on their business.  And, Intermediary Manager is not limited to the mortgage and protection sector, but any financial services organisation who need to structure and manage their firms’ and advisers in an effective manner.”