Originally published by our friends at Financial Reporter on 23rd of June 2020.

eKeeper has launched internet call recording into its flagship CRM product that allows calls to be invoked from the CRM and recorded for future use.  Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologiestelephone calls are made over the internet from any location, which Adepteo reports as being vital for businesses to continue working remotely during the COVID19 crisis.   

From the eKeeper CRM, calls can be made to any telephone number across all participants relevant to the advice process such as Clients, Introducers, Providers, and Solicitors.  Once the call has been finalised, a read-only record of the conversation is set against the participant in the CRM where the recording can be retrieved and replayed at a later date. 

David Bennett, Commercial Director at eKeeper, commented that Remote working is the new normal and businesses understandably want to present the same level of service and Business-As-Usual to their customers.  Through the Adepteo integration and within an industry that is highly reliant on the telephone, seamlessly invoking conversations and having these recorded provides flexibility for brokers to efficiently work remotely and without any impact to the vital service they provide.” 

On the subject of call recording becoming mandatory by the FCA, Bennett continued, “Although not directly mandated in the wealth sector at present, call recording did feature in the 2018 MiFiD2 directive.  It is not completely unfair to say that the FCA may at some point scrutinise certain areas of the mortgage and protection process in the future and require call recording to become an active part of the advice process, especially towards more specialist areas.  Our integration with Adepteo future proofs eKeeper users while still providing an integral and valuable service.” 

Carl Taylor, Managing Director of Adepteo, concluded that “we are delighted that eKeeper is providing our Cloudbased telephony solution into its CRM product.  COVID19 has brought home a number of realities across many service sectors, one being the ability to inwardly and outwardly continue its telephone operations to the same level as being physically in the same office.  Our VOIP technology is built to allow a distributed workforce to work from any location with zero disruption and our integration with eKeeper is a prime example of blending two vital technologies in one place.”