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EBS eBanking Solution Feature list

An ever-evolving project

Our CRM system is an ever-evolving project. We take customer feedback very seriously as we believe this is what drives a project forward. eKeeper Group has been long established with the financial services industry and pride ourselves on listening.

EBS Banking System Feature List | An ever-evolving Banking sSolution
  • Introducer Portal with real time processing.
  • Peer to Peer Software Systems
  • Commission runs.
  • API integration ability.
  • Multiple loan draw down system.
  • Capital & Interest and Interest Only modules.
  • Various interest calculations i.e. Rolled-up, Deferred or Deductions.
  • Workflow system.
  • Diary and Task management.
  • Completion checklist.
  • User and case audit logs.
  • Communications by Letter, Email and SMS.
  • Letter generation system with automated data ability.
  • Paperless processing including document uploads.
  • Marketing by Letter, Email and SMS.
  • User permissions across the system.
  • Customisable screens for features and questions.

The above list is in no way exhaustive.

Please let us know if you have any niche requirements and we will happily consider adding these to your system.

Networks can set up different structures for different AR firms…

MortgageKeeper is a fantastic asset. Having one central information system is so much more efficient than our traditional hard copy files.

Employing eKeeper Group has been profoundly one of our best decisions as a company we have made…

The package is easy to use has shaved hours off the normal time it took to package a case and update the client. I am more than happy to recommend the system