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EBS eBanking Solution | Case Management

Set your own workflow to provide effective case management

You can customise the process flow through every case, allowing you to quickly see where a case is and if any actions are required. This provides consistency when it comes to case handling. Regardless of who is dealing with a case, you can be sure that the correct procedures are being followed.

You can have complete flexibility in progressing the stages of a case, including if required setting pre-requisite actions that may need completing. When a case has been completed to live (e.g. loan drawdown) you can be sure you have everything in place. The ebs system puts you in control.

Lending and Peer-to-Peer platforms

Easy and effective client management through actions, diaries and automated communications

The ebs system focuses on your customers and keeps you in control. Automated diary management linked to actions and tasks ensures you do not forget when important documents need chasing or customer calls have been promised.

And the full audit trail of all communications ensures you have all the information to provide a professional service to your customers and for handling complaints.

Customer portal and participant login

Our web-based system has innovative systems to allow your customers to log in and have access to the latest case information that you choose for them to have. This is a superb facility to enhance your customer offering.

Networks can set up different structures for different AR firms…

MortgageKeeper is a fantastic asset. Having one central information system is so much more efficient than our traditional hard copy files.

Employing eKeeper Group has been profoundly one of our best decisions as a company we have made…

The package is easy to use has shaved hours off the normal time it took to package a case and update the client. I am more than happy to recommend the system

This facility can also be offered to selected case participants such as brokers or legal advisers. Not only can they keep up to date, they can also help by updating required information and adding customer documentation.