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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody perform AML checks and Credit Searches?

No. This is only available to mortgage brokers within the UK who are authorised with the FCA or through their network. As a minimum, your organisation must be listed on the FCA register, listed on Companies House, and on the Data Protection register. Please note that the registration process will include additional due-diligence checks.

Who can register?

Registration is made at a company level, although permissions to make AML checks and Credit Reports are granted and logged to an individual user.

What is the process to register?

Firstly, you’ll need to complete our registration form. Appropriate details will be forwarded to Experian where all internal and external due diligence will be made. This will take approximately one week to perform where you will contract directly with Experian.

Can I run a report on anybody?

You must have appropriate written consent from each client to perform an AML check and credit search.

What kind of report is returned from the credit search?

The search performed is a soft credit check.

Does eKeeper capture consent?

The eKeeper CRM allows you to capture and store client consent. You will also be warned prior to making an AML check and / or credit search. You can use the following consent wording, but we highly recommend you validate this through your compliance function or network.

Do I have to be an eKeeper user?

We provide an eKeeper “Lite” version for organisations that do not use eKeeper as its foundational CRM.

Is eKeeper “Lite” really free?

eKeeper “Lite” is provided for brokers wishing to perform AML checks and credit searches against their clients. If no users have logged into the system for 30 days, access will be removed, and we can no longer process your data. Once access is removed, unless explicitly told otherwise, we will delete all data we hold. If no AML checks or credit searches have been made within 60 days, access will also be removed.

Can eKeeper “Lite” do more?

Organisations can upgrade to the full version of eKeeper and retain all customer data entered onto the system. To find out more, please book a demo.

Can I just use eKeeper “Lite” without the AML and Credit Reports?

No, if no users have logged into the eKeeper “Lite” instance, access will be removed. Likewise, if no AML checks or credit searches are performed within 60 days, access will also be removed.