Originally published by our friends at Mortgage Introducer on the 30th of September 2020.

eKeeper adds DocuSign eSignatures to CRM

eKeeper have successfully integrated DocuSign’s eSignature functionality into its intermediary focused CRM, MortgageKeeper.  The feature allows new and existing brokers to sign-up with DocuSign directly and use their own credentials within eKeeper through a wide range of API Plans.

As part of the integration, eSignatures can be made mandatory for every document or used for specific documents and clients.  All documents that are generated as part of the MortgageKeeper workflow system also support eSignature capability meaning that documents can be automatically generated and delivered through DocuSign to clients.

The inclusion of eSignatures aligns with research from DPR Group’s recent ‘Mortgage Industry Digital Engagement survey’ of 1,400 consumer respondents who overall were very open to using technology to speed up the mortgage application process.  The survey found that 80% of consumers would be comfortable electronically signing documents if provided from a broker.

David Bennett, Commercial Director at eKeeper, commented: “electronically signing documents is fast becoming a hygiene factor for intermediary CRM platforms and research from our parent group validates this.  We were naturally keen, as with other integrations into eKeeper, for the broker to control the third-party relationship choosing the plans that are relevant to their business and their client base.”

Bennett continued about a perfect storm for eSignature functionality and uptake where,” greater exposure and adoption of eSignatures across different sectors has created positive awareness that is more accepted, especially given the new realities of remote and social distanced interactions.  When you then consider our integrated eSignature functionality with the Burrow customer lead qualification platform and recent AML and Credit Report capabilities, our flagship CRM product is fast becoming the platform that provides the tooling that future proofs advisers today and into the future.”